Anxiety | Animated Symptoms with Shift.MS

Animated Symptoms is a campaign Shift MS. ran just before Christmas but I feel like these videos are such a brilliant way of explaining and visualising symptoms that I’m going to continue sharing them. In particular the ones which I’ve experienced and can explain how I’ve personally been affected.

This is the second video I was a part of in the series and here I talk about how MS affects me and my anxiety…

MS doesn’t necessarily CAUSE anxiety, however because I ALREADY experienced a little social anxiety, it seems to have been magnified since my diagnosis as I’m that much more aware of these invisible symptoms. At times I’ve felt awkward yawning constantly in social events once they go past 9pm (I’m not a night time person!!) or I’ve not quite been able to get my words out due to Cognitive problems and as a result I become very aware of my surroundings and begin to feel more and more anxious.

Here’s the video to explain a little more…


Do you experience Anxiety, MS or no MS? I’d love to hear from you if so just to understand how it manifests in different people and whether you’ve found a way to manage it.

P x

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