Hello! My name is Paula Sanchez and welcome to MS Doing It My Way. A place where I promote the POWER of a CHANGED MINDSET, CONSIDERED THINKING and the importance of SELF CARE . It all started when I was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition, Multiple Sclerosis and this is how I do it MY way.

Multiple Sclerosis means ‘Many Scars’ and well, we all have ‘many scars’ in our lives don’t we? and we do our best to live with them, but what if we looked at these ‘scars’ as opportunities? as lessons or as a part of our journey through life. Most importantly it’s ok to talk about them.

One of my biggest physical and metaphorical ‘scar’ was being diagnosed with MS at the age of 22 in January 2013. It had a huge and sudden impact on my life and changed everything for me. I lost the feeling in my legs, my arms and my back. I was unable to walk properly or hold a glass without using both hands. I was no longer able to do the buttons up on my clothes or even consider applying any make up. Over the first two years I lost my eye sight twice and have since had endless battles with fatigue, balance, joint pain and pins and needles across the body. Each time one of these attacks came, another scar was left behind along my spinal cord or some even on my brain.

After many months of trialling various exercise regimes, nutritional combinations and different mindsets, I have now adapted to a very personalised lifestyle plan which is forever evolving, but most importantly, it’s working.

Over time I’ve progressed from needing assistance in cutting up my food and taking weeks off work, to confidently lifting heavy weights in the gym and fulfilling my career goals working at both Selfridges and Nike. My condition still wavers along that spectrum but one thing which has kept me going is MENTAL STRENGTH and MINDSET.

Please join me on this journey of being proud of our scars, showing and sharing them and most importantly ‘do life’ YOUR WAY.

P x